Family: Tryptamines
LSA ( d-lysergic acid amide, d-lysergamide, or ergine) is a psychoactive alkaloid found in various vines of the Convolvulaceae family and some species of fungi. It can also be found in the seeds of Turbina corymbosa (ololiuhqui), Argyreia nervosa (Hawaiian baby woodrose), and Ipomoea tricolor (morning glories, tlitliltzin). Reports indicate traditional use of LSA- containing seeds as a sacrament by Mexican Native Americans and the Zapotecs. LSA is also a precursor of LSD.
It is usually taken either in the form of the seeds or extracted and ingested orally. LSA has strong vaso-constrictive properties and can be dangerous when taken in high doses.

Low Dose Medium Dose High Dose
Pupils slightly dilated, slight trembling, slurred speach Pupils greatly dilated, slurred speach, incoherency, trembling Pupils greatly dilated, strong incoherence (in- ability to form sentences), trembling and shaking, cold hands and feet i.e. strong vasoconstriction, sweating

Low Dose Medium Dose High Dose
Colors appear brighter, edges sharper. Light- headedness, muscle tension, nervousness. Altered thought-processes/internal dialog. Closed-eye visuals (patterns, colors) (Geometric) patterns ap- pear on uniform surfaces, walls seem to be breath- ing. Patterns and struc- tures may seem to shift or move. Things may ap- pear novel or more won- drous, events more intense. Difficulty in understanding how things work (e.g. Com- puters, phones, etc.). Diffi- culty in following conversa- tions. Thought loops. Loss of a feeling for time. Intensi- fication of preexisting emo- tions. Closed eye visions. Euphoria. Geometric 3-dimensional patterns appear, difficulty in focusing the eyes, synesthe- sia, Visions, Intensification of emotions, insights, time dialation, inability to tell which position the body is in, mystical experiences, nausea