1 dose- range per body weight
1 dose- range a for 70 kg person

2 RIMA3 (rue extract)


5 1.5-2.5 g

Entheogen Threshold StandardStandard
Ayahuasca: B. caapi Psychotria viridis

75 - 100 g 30 g
Cannabis smoked Cannabis oral 33 mg
50-70 mg 60-80 mg
DMT vaporized DMT freebase oral5-10 mg 20-35 mg 100-200+ mg
15-20 mg 50-70 mg 100-200+ mg
LSD 20 ug 1.14-1.43 ug /kg 80-150 ug
MDMA HCL 30 mg 1-1.78 mg / kg 70-125 mg
Mescaline HCL 100 mg
180-350 mg
Psilocybin Whole mushrooms (cubensis, dried) 3-4 mg 0.25g 0.22-0.43 mg / kg 15-30 mg
Salvia regular leaf, dry 0.25 g
0.5 g

1Standard dose ranges refer to either 1) doses that have been used in clinical trials and have been found to be well tolerable or
2) doses that have been found to be well tolerable by the community of travelers, when no clinical studies were available with information.
2Oral doses of DMT depend highly on inhibition of the monoamino oxidase, and vary greatly from person to person.
3RIMA doses given are what is considered full or close to full inhibition. This can greatly vary from person to person. It is advised to try raising the dose of RIMA first before raising the amount of DMT if you find your experience was weaker than expected.
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