Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum drug profile

Family: Salvinorin
Salvia divinorum is a Mexican perrenial herb which has a long history of use as an entheogen by indigenous Mazatec shamans. Salvinorin A, the psychoactive substance found in it, is considered a dissociative exhibiting atypical psychedelic effects. It can be active in doses as low as 20 μg, but the generally accepted threshold dose is around 200 μg.

This makes Salvinorin A, regarding weight, the most potent naturally occurring entheogenic substance known to date.
The leaves of the Salvia plant are usually dried and smoked, although this is not the traditional method of preparation. Traditionally, the fresh leaves are rolled into what is called a quid and chewed, causing a longer lasting and more mellow experience than when smoked.

Low Dose Medium Dose High Dose

meditative like state, body movements similiar to yoga (nothing hard, stuff like childs pose that feels good and requires no balancing) very relaxed mood and body language. Possibly giddy- ing.

Low Dose Medium Dose High Dose
Tingling sensation, slightly altered perception seperation from physical body, out of body experi- ences without break from reality. Enhanced feeling of gravity, feeling of pins on skin. Closed eye hallucina- tions. Euphoria. Sexual arousal. Complete seperation from physical body and break from reality. Feelings of confusion and fear. De- monic voices. Sometimes headaches and lethargy af- ter peak that lingers until sleep